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Does your Website and Online Presence stand out in the competitive Freight Forwarding and Logistics industry? We design websites, build tools and create apps that help you gain and retain clients

  • Compete with the ‘big guns’, by offering smart resources, tools and apps
  • Enjoy having a Website that’ll become your best sales person 24/7
  • Keep your brand top of mind with automated email marketing
  • Attract new clients with remarketing so you’re the only one they remember
  • Cut out annoying, repetitive tasks with intuitive software
  • Increase orders with your current customer base

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Our team can handle everything

Be rest assured our team can handle everything including content, web development, site design, hosting and maintenance – or you can bring your own website and simply utilise our add-ons. Our focus is on optimizing all areas of your online presence to highlight the unique value and get and retain more business.

  • Fully Moblie Responsive
  • Email Marketing Tools
  • Speed
  • Freight Rate Calculator
  • Automatic & Customissed Sailing Schedules
  • SEI optimised
  • Security Updates
  • Live Chat

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Did you know most logistics and freight forwarding companies could double or triple their leads overnight by making just a few small changes to their website...Want to find out if your website is making these mistakes? Contact us now for a free 30-min strategy session and make sure you're not losing out on phone calls and enquiries:

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Did you know most logistics and freight forwarding companies could double or triple their leads overnight by making just a few small changes to their website… Want to find out if your website is making these mistakes? Contact us know for a free 30-min strategy session and make sure you’re not losing out on phone calls and enquiries: Want to chat to the friendly team about your app? Give us a call (09-950-3824), or fill in the form at the bottom of this page.

Freight or Logistics Technology Solutions

Freight Sailing Schedules

  • – Offer sailing schedules online for guest and clients
  • – Automatically email your best customers with customised sailing schedules
  • – Integrate with your freight ordering management system (coming soon)

Freight Calculator

  • – Offer on-the-fly Sea freight & Air freight calculations, for your new and existing clients
  • – Generate new leads & contact details with every guest freight calculation on your website
  • – Set varying custom rates based on client profiles

iPad Sales App

  • – Can be used at conferences, trade shows, or one-to-one
  • – More flexible than a PowerPoint
  • – Allows Sales Rep to progress based on conversations rather than a ‘powerpoint slide’ order
  • – Encourages deeper connections

Freight Order Management

  • – Get a customised order management system
  • – Keep your internal staff in control and as productive as possible
  • – Offer API integration to suppliers and clients

Mobile Apps

  • – Custom apps for your suppliers, partners or customers
  • – Allow people instant access to find the information they need
  • – Use push notifications to keep people up to date

Freight Interactive Search Tool

  • – Save staff time explaining generic terms to clients (or even staff) who are new to the freight industry
  • – Increase perception of knowledge to prospective clients
  • – Add to your existing website or included in a refreshed website

Some of our recent projects

Purpose-built app that automates and tracks the documentation submission and approval process for the construction industry.

Modern construction projects are becoming more complex, with an ever-increasing demand for transparency and reporting, and the need to maintain competitiveness through efficiency. Supersub is our purpose-built software system to automate and track the completion, documentation, submission and approval process on your construction project, and store these important documents for easy, convenient, future reference.

Software product that allows logistics companies to offer full end-to-end order tracking including the last mile of delivery.

Specialised software-as-a-service designed for freight forwarding companies to offer their clients full tracking of orders from when they arrive in country, to when they’re finally delivered by the carrier, and also tracking the dehiring/return of the containers. Include is a traffic light system (green/orange/red) for key demurrage and detention dates so the freight forwarder’s clients don’t have to get any nasty surprise bills..

What If You Could Have Your Own Technical Partner, Not Just Another Developer?

With Orchid as your software development partner you can expect:

  • Strict adherence to your timelines/delivery dates.
  • Constant communication throughout the project as well as after the project’s completed.
  • Careful attention to detail, so that what you’re expecting is what’s delivered.
  • Full support by phone or email whenever you need it, including 24×7 emergency support.

But most importantly we'll be on your team. When you need to call us, we'll answer, and talk with you as easily as talking with your workmate opposite you.

*Unless, of course, you’ve got a beef with that particular workmate, in that case it’d be a bad example!