• What are another 5,10, or 100 sales a month worth to you?

    What are another 5,10, or 100 sales a month worth to you?

    Getting new customers or clients is the most important obstacle to running a business. Whether you’re a small startup or your company’s been running for 20 years, if you can’t attract new customers each month your business is dead.

    Wouldn’t it be incredible if your business had a salesperson that would bring in new leads every single day of the year (even when you’re at the gym, or watching the kids play rugby on Saturday mornings)?

    Start getting more traffic & more sales


  • Need a better website?

    Need a better website?

    If you’re after a website that looks fantastic, then Orchid can certainly help. But much more than that, we make it our concern that your website also gives you tangible results.

    If all you end up with is a pretty website, but no increase in sales inquires or phone calls, then we haven’t done our job properly.  Tell us what you want to achieve and we’ll put together an action plan with milestones that’ll ensure you get those results.

    Check out our gallery or get in touch now for a no-obligation consultation.

  • Got an idea for a web app or mobile app?

    Got an idea for a web app or mobile app?

    Designing and building custom software used to be super-expensive, but these days you might be surprised how affordable it can be.

    Software which cost $100,000 to build 10 years ago, can now be done for about 1/10th of that (NO EXAGGERATION – we can give you real examples)!

    Let’s sit down (or talk over the phone if you’re not local) and we can give you an idea of budget for your ideal feature list.  If that’s more than you can invest at this point,  we can nut out a trimmed-down first version of the software which does everything you need and nothing more.

  • Is your business missing out on Facebook?

    Is your business missing out on Facebook?

    Why does Facebook get paid billions of dollars each year by businesses around the world?

    Because never before in history has it been so easy to connect with your customer base and see all their demographics right in front of you.

    What if you could turn one-off customers into repeat customers that use your product/service again and again?  If you’re interested in finding out what Facebook could do for your business, let’s start a conversation…

  • Need Help With WordPress? We Are WordPress Gurus!

    Need Help With WordPress? We Are WordPress Gurus!

    If it’s WordPress you’re after, then we’re your guys.

    Orchid has been building WordPress websites for New Zealand business since we began. We’ve got lots of experience building custom WordPress websites, themes and plugins as well as modifying existing ones.

    Need to convert your existing website into WordPress?

    We are experts at this!  With turnaround times of sometimes under a week, we can get your existing site converted to WordPress so you can have full control over how your website looks and feels.

    Get in touch now or checkout our portfolio.

Let’s be honest. You don’t need a new website or app…

What you need is more leads, more sign-ups and more phone calls, right? Or perhaps it’s streamlining your processes and saving time and money so you can see bigger profits?  …but just having a nice new website alone is not going to cut it.

The sad truth is the majority of business owners see no measurable results when they invest in a new website, custom software or online marketing services.  At Orchid we only want to take on clients when we know we can give you a positive return on investment.  We want to really understand your business and the problems you’re facing so we can help get your business to the next level.

We want to partner with you

thumbnailrobOrchid is run by Will Schmidt and Rob Hall, and is a full-service online agency providing you with everything you need to receive big returns from your online investment.

We’re all about online success without the secrecy.  Many website companies seem to enjoy creating the illusion of magic around online success.

Succeeding online is not a magic trick. It’s not done with smoke and mirrors. And you don’t need a degree in computer science either.

In fact, you only need 2 things to guarantee your success:

  1. Generate traffic
  2. Convert traffic

In other words, attract visitors to your website, then persuade those visitors to become customers.

Some of our Recent Projects

  • bodyfx-550
     |  | 


    BodyFX are the industry leaders in body art, make-up and special fx.  You’ve probably already seen their work in some shape or form.  The founders, originally from the Netherlands, Nicole and  Yolanda, started the company 12 years ago and have been teaching and showcasing their art of body painting, face painting, make-up and special FX make-up in New Zealand and abroad.

  • kohuroad-550

    Kohu Road – New website & blog

    If you haven’t tasted Kohu Road ice cream yet, you’re missing out! Check them out now on their website which we recently designed and developed for them. It showcases their delicious ice cream and sorbet, as well as their unique cafe in New Lynn. Continue reading Kohu Road – New website & blog

  • rocketcreative-sml

    Rocket Creative

    Rocket is a New Zealand signage and branding company that have worked with hundreds of brands throughout the country. Orchid was privileged to help launch their new company website which showcases the wide variety of projects they are involved in. Continue reading Rocket Creative

  • mono-smr

    Clorox NZ (Mono Foil)

    This uniquely designed website was designed and built by Orchid as part of a special product launch in New Zealand to promote the new non-stick foil product. The website handled competition entries (purchasers of the product could input their barcode number to enter the draw). Continue reading Clorox NZ (Mono Foil)

  • colour-catcher
     |  | 

    Dylon Colour Catcher

    Colour Catcher was a new product introduced to the NZ market in 2012 by Dylon. This website, which promotes the product, was designed and built by Orchid and includes multiple submission forms (allowing competition entries, free sample requests and more). Continue reading Dylon Colour Catcher

  • beacon-sml
     |  | 

    Beacon Health Advice

    Beacon Health Advice is the official blog of About Health (one of NZ’s most successful health supplement companies). The site has a custom design which increases readability and social sharing.

    Articles cover many topics relating to health and general well-being. Each article can be rated (the sidebar features the top 6 rated articles as voted by readers of the blog). Continue reading Beacon Health Advice

  • allgroom-home-sml


    AllGroom is an ecommerce store operating in New Zealand which sells animal grooming products. Their web store utilises many of the features Magento has to offer and was designed and built for maximum search engine visibility.

    Magento makes it easy to feature products, set up promotions and deals, and streamline the checkout process for maximum sales. Continue reading AllGroom

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Some important Q's and A's

  • Why should I trust Orchid with my project?

    We've built Orchid on a foundation of great reputations. Our clients recommend us because they know we have a track record of producing results — we take the time to comprehend the problem at hand, and put together a plan of action with milestones that we'll achieve.

  • How is Orchid different than other website companies out there?

    We want to build long term, meaningful relationships with everyone we work with. After the initial project is finished we want to measure your key performance indicators, and help you make incremental adjustments that'll continually make your business more profitable for months and years to come.

  • How much will it cost to design and build a new website/app?

    How much does it cost to design and build a house? ... it depends, right? We do small projects (under $1,000) and large projects ($10,000+), but until we fully understand your business and what you're trying to achieve we can't give you a useful answer. What we can say, is that we're fully aware you need to make back more money than what you invest in us.

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