Do you need a Custom Website or App that’ll work exactly how you wanted it to work?

Orchid specialises in designing and building Custom Web Applications and Mobile Apps as well as integrating with existing services or 3rd party software. 


With Orchid as your software development partner you can expect:

  • Strict adherence to your timelines/delivery dates.
  • Constant communication throughout the project as well as after the project’s completed.
  • Careful attention to detail, so that what you’re expecting is what’s delivered.
  • In-person support & training if located in New Zealand.
  • Full support by phone or email whenever you need it, including 24×7 emergency support.

Here’s a scary statistic:

80% of all Software Development projects finish late, over-budget or full of bugs.

If you’re just about to begin a custom software project, that statistic should scare you. Software should make things run faster and more smoothly, not cause headaches and more work for everyone!

Your new web application or mobile app is going to be in the 20% of projects that are delivered within agreed upon budgets and timeframes and working exactly how you wanted it to work.

That’s because Orchid’s core concern is to maintain our track record of 100% successful projects – we do this by taking the time before we start writing code to sit down and brainstorm with you, so we understand exactly what problems you need solving before we put together a detailed action plan on what needs to be delivered and when.

We are constantly tweaking and improving our systems and procedures so that we can guarantee superior quality work for every project we work on as well as ongoing support after the initial project’s done.

  • "Demanding nothing but the best for my clients and their website projects, it was difficult to find a web design company that truly shared the same values and obsessive attention to detail. After a recommendation to contact Orchid, I'm pleased to say I've finally found such a company."

    Mark Hill

    Director, Brand Builders

  • "Orchid have deployed the tools for our latest promotion with ease and the patience of saints, especially given the tight budget and even tighter deadline."

    Andrea Fowler

    Director, Lemonade Design