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Here are some of our recent projects

Staff rostering software that simplifies the complicated process of assigning staff to shifts and rooms while avoiding conflicts and inefficiencies.

Using Excel spreadsheets to manage staff and room rosters is a great option for small businesses. But as companies grow, the process of managing the right number of staff, administrators and receptionists can get awfully complicated – so much so, that it can result in multiple staff spending a full day or more per week, managing their roster and sorting out timesheets.

Better Roster is a software product built by Orchid that helps businesses effectively manage their staff schedules and timesheets and maximise the use of their rooms.

Interactive kiosk app design & development

MYBO wanted to simplify and add a bit of fun to their conference booth. Orchid built a kiosk app for this purpose which worked so well we have designed more than one (themed for specific events). There was a mixture of information discovery, enquiry and competition forms. Kiosk apps like this can also be customised to run quizzes, games, calculate estimates/quotes/indicators etc. If you let us know your goal, we can suggest ways to achieve it.


Using the Kiosk App that Orchid created for us we noticed an increase in enquires (60% of event attendees – a really good number)! Our stand was the busiest of the whole expo. We really appreciated their time, feedback and clear communication throughout the process: prior to the event during the design and development phase, support during the event and afterwards with timely reports provided – they were so much help. Looking forward to future projects together.”

Eva B.

iPad app design and development

Auckland Live, part of Regional Facilities Auckland, commissioned Orchid to build digital signage for Digital Art Live, a permanent programme showcasing interactive art works created by local and international artists. The interactive kiosk has been located on Level 2 of the Aotea Centre in Auckland’s CBD up until 2017.

Digital Art Live is an initiative created by Colab (AUT University’s creative technologies research centre) and Auckland Live (part of Regional Facilities Auckland)


Orchid provided accessible and reliable solutions for Auckland Live to communicate with our audiences. Orchid’s ability to react quickly and in a timely manner to challenges or changes has been invaluable”

Nolwenn Lacire

What If You Could Have Your Own Technical Partner, Not Just Another Developer?

With Orchid as your software development partner you can expect:

  • Strict adherence to your timelines/delivery dates.
  • Constant communication throughout the project as well as after the project’s completed.
  • Careful attention to detail, so that what you’re expecting is what’s delivered.
  • Full support by phone or email whenever you need it, including 24×7 emergency support.

But most importantly we'll be on your team. When you need to call us, we'll answer, and talk with you as easily as talking with your workmate opposite you.

*Unless, of course, you’ve got a beef with that particular workmate, in that case it’d be a bad example!

If you’re just about to start a custom web application or mobile app project, that statistic should scare you. Software should make things run faster and more smoothly, not cause headaches and more work for everyone! Your new web application or mobile app is going to be in the 20% of projects that are delivered within agreed upon budgets and timeframes and working exactly how you wanted it to work. That’s because Orchid’s core concern is to maintain our track record of 100% successful projects
– we do this by taking time before we start writing code to sit down and brainstorm with you, so we understand exactly what problems you need solving before we put together a detailed action plan on what needs to be delivered and when. We are constantly tweaking and improving our systems and procedures so that we can guarantee superior quality work for every project we work on, as well as ongoing support after the initial project is done.


Clients, partners and brands we have worked with

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we trust Orchid with our project?

We've built Orchid on a foundation of great reputations. Our clients recommend us because they know we have a track record of producing results — we take the time to comprehend the problem at hand, and put together a plan of action with milestones that we'll achieve.

How is Orchid different from other development companies out there?

We want to build long term, meaningful relationships with everyone we work with. We don't want to make a quick buck! If you bring us a request to build something one way, but we can see a better approach that will cost you less, that's the solution we'll present.

How much will it cost to design and build custom software?

How much does it cost to design and build a house? ... it depends, right? Projects usually start from NZ$25,000, but until we fully understand your business and what you're trying to achieve we can't give you a useful answer. What we can say, is that we only want to take on clients when we know we can give them a positive return on investment. Have you seen our guide: 'How much will your app cost to make?'

Sounds good, what's the next step?

Just fill in the form below, or call us right now (09-950-3824) and we can start a conversation. We look forward to meeting you and hearing about your business (whether or not we get the project)!

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Our headquarters can be found in Auckland, New Zealand. But as a company, we’ve truly embraced remote working and have team members working around the country (as far as Nelson and Christchurch) as well as overseas.

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