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Are you looking to build a custom web-based software? Trust the Orchid team to create intuitive web-based web application your users will enjoy and keep using again and again.

Rest assured at Orchid all your unique ideas will remain 100% confidential!

Why Orchid?


Say goodbye to sub-par quality development, missed deadlines, and developers who don’t answer their phone calls or emails just when you need them the most.

With Orchid as your technical partner, you can expect cutting-edge design and professional web app development that gets you the results you’re after.

Do you want to build a long-term, meaningful relationship with your web development team? Then let’s get started!

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Our Services Include


  • Consistent results every time. Your website will be built to industrial standards and using test-driven development principles (this means less bugs, and less hitting your head against the wall).
  • Constant communication. We’re always available by phone or email whenever you need a quick question answered or have an idea you want to run past us.
  • Never getting left in the lurch! You can breathe a sigh of relief. We already support custom built applications across a number of industries including 24×7 emergency support available whenever you (or your customers) need it.
We build long-term, meaningful relationships with everyone we work with. Your success is our success.
With headquarters in Auckland, New Zealand, we have a wide range of skills across our team including user acquisition and digital marketing. Our clients think of us as their Technical Partner — they can focus on growing their business because they know we've got their back.

Our Costing Guide

But how much will my app cost?

That’s a great question — but it’s tricky to answer! The time it’ll take and resources it’ll require depend entirely on what it is you’re creating.

Are you going to start with a minimum viable product (MVP), or do you need to launch with a full-featured platform from day one?

Want a price estimate specific to your app idea?

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Recent Work

take a quick look at our projects


Matching Foodies and Coffee Aficionados with Cafes and Restaurants

Web Development
Vippa matches Foodies and Coffee Aficionados with cafes and restaurants throughout the city. Discounts, flash deals and loyalty stamps.

Connecting Car Dealers with Car Wholesalers for trade-ins

Web Development
Mango is a trade-in appraisal and sales platform that connects Car Dealers with Car Wholesalers making the process faster and more efficient.

The Ultimate Game Trading Marketplace

Web Development
Avoid the middleman and trade, buy and sell games with other gamers. Save money, meet other gamers in your area and add value to your game collection.
iApp Network

A digital revolution for local publishers

Web Development
iAppNetwork is a platform designed to enable local publishers to launch and manage their own app.
Better Roster

Streamlining Staff Rostering

Web Development
Staff rostering software that simplifies the complicated process of assigning staff to shifts and rooms while avoiding conflicts and inefficiencies.

Optimizing leads at trade events

Web Development
EventHook increases engagement and follow-up success at trade shows and events using the concept of 'Challenges'.

Building better customer engagement

iPad App Development
The MYOB kiosk app combines information discovery, enquiries and competitions for use at trade shows and expos. Using the app, MYOB was able to report a 60% increase in enquiries compared to previous events.

Why? Where? How?

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I trust Orchid with my project?

We’ve built our company on a foundation of a great reputation. We’re recommended by the companies and clients we work with because they know our track record of creating fantastic apps and websites.

We don’t ship “cookie cutter” apps — we take the time to comprehend your product idea and the market you’re targeting, and put together an action plan with milestones to achieve your goals.

How is Orchid different from other development shops?

Our clients see us as their technical partner or CTO (without having to give up any equity)!

Instead of trying to make a quick buck, we want to build a long-term, meaningful relationship with you while at the same time creating a fantastic app or website we can all be proud to have our name behind.

Where is Orchid based?

Our head office is in Auckland, New Zealand but we also hire remote team members. Currently three of our developers are based in the South Island (Christchurch and Nelson).

Check out our About page for more information about our team.


Clients, partners and brands we have worked with

What Clients say

Orchid were great to work with. They delivered the code on time and it was executed right the first time. Even though we’re based in United States, working with them could not have been easier. I appreciate all their hard work and will definitely use them again.

Pautler Design, Director

Andrew Pautler
Orchid provided accessible and reliable solutions for Auckland Live to communicate with our audiences. Orchid’s ability to react quickly and in a timely manner to challenges or changes has been invaluable

Digital Art Live, Programme Developer

Nolwenn Lacire
Orchid were extremely accommodating and helped contribute some great creative ideas for our recent Instax Facebook competition. Great communication and the ability to achieve deadlines on their behalf made them incredibly easy to work with and I would recommend them to anyone thinking of building an app.

Eight Loop Social, Director

Catherine Howell

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