Who else wants their new custom Web Application to look & work exactly how they wanted it to?

Our clients recommend us because they know we have a track of record of producing results. With Orchid as your web application development partner you can expect:

  • Strict adherence to your timeline/delivery rates
  • Constant communication during the project as well as after the project’s completed
  • Careful attention to detail, so what you’re expecting is what’s delivered
  • In-person support & training
  • Full support by phone or email whenever you need it, including 24×7 emergency support


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We're the web development company that cares

Say goodbye to sub-par quality development, missed deadlines, and developers who don’t answer their phone calls or emails just when you need them the most.

With Orchid as your technical partner, you can expect cutting-edge design and professional web development that gets you the results you’re after.

This includes:

  • Consistent results every time. You can expect all projects to be delivered within the agreed-upon deadlines and meeting all the functional requirements.
  • Constant communication throughout your project. We’re always available by phone or email whenever you need a quick question answered.
  • Never get left in the lurch! Breathe easy, you’ve got 24×7 emergency support available whenever you or your clients need it.

We want to build long-term, meaningful relationships with everyone we work with.

Your success is our success.

“Beware of the ‘everything but the kitchen sink’ approach to web app development. Throw in every decent idea that comes along and you’ll just wind up with a half-assed version of your product.

– Jason Fried, Co Founder of Basecamp (a hugely successful project management web app)

What’s the Process?

Discovery & Roadmapping

We’ll start by taking a comprehensive drive into your web application idea.

For example

  • What are the problems you’re solving?
  • What are the risks and challenges that we might face along the way?

We also look at who your end users will be in order to identify what the most important features are, and what’s just a “nice to have”.

Design & Planning

Based on ongoing discussions and brainstorming, we’ll plan and estimate the details of your project so that we know exactly what’s involved. We’ll design your wireframes as part of an iterative process (taking feedback from you and revising accordingly), and once complete we will be able to give you an accurate estimate for the actual development cost for Phase 1.

Software Development

Time to turn your idea into reality! To build your new web application we’ll be using agile development principles, which means instead of having to wait months to see progress, you’ll have the first release out in a matter of weeks.

Every 2 to 4 weeks you’ll continue seeing updated versions of the software with new working functionality added that you can use and give feedback on.

Ongoing Optimisation

All software needs maintaining, tweaking and improving beyond the initial launch. Based on analysing real usage of your web application, we’ll help you identify what areas can be further improved and optimised, or what functionality may be missing.

Remember those enhancements we decided to leave out of the first version? This is when those features can be relooked and possibly added in.

Some of our recent projects

Online platform that enables allergy sufferers to accurately communicate their allergies in seconds.

AllergySensei helps people living with medically-based dietary requirements like food allergies or coeliac disease to better communicate their needs.

The software currently has 3 different levels of membership (user-types): patients, medical professionals, and our admin staff. A patient (or their parent) can link allergies to a profile. This allows themselves and their community to use interactive lists and personalised searches with intuitive filtering based on their personalised dietary requirements (helping them understand what can or cannot be eaten).

Staff rostering software that simplifies the complicated process of assigning staff to shifts and rooms while avoiding conflicts and inefficiencies.

Using Excel spreadsheets to manage staff and room rosters is a great option for small businesses. But companies grow, the process of managing the right number of staff, administrators and receptionists can get awfully complicated – so much so, that it can result in multiple staff spending a full day or more per week, managing their roster and sorting out timesheets.

Better Roster is a software product built by Orchid that helps businesses effectively manage their staff schedules and timesheets and maximise the use of their rooms.

What If You Could Have Your Own Technical Partner, Not Just Another Developer?

With Orchid as your software development partner you can expect:

  • Strict adherence to your timelines/delivery dates.
  • Constant communication throughout the project as well as after the project’s completed.
  • Careful attention to detail, so that what you’re expecting is what’s delivered.
  • Full support by phone or email whenever you need it, including 24×7 emergency support.

But most importantly we'll be on your team. When you need to call us, we'll answer, and talk with you as easily as talking with your workmate opposite you.

*Unless, of course, you’ve got a beef with that particular workmate, in that case it’d be a bad example!