Mobile App Development Built-to-Spec and Delivered On Time and On Budget

In New Zealand, and most other western countries, 9 out of 10 people are smartphone users.

  • Calculator apps
  • Ordering Systems or customer loyalty points apps
  • Training & Support Tool apps
  • Staff rostering or management apps
  • Interactive kiosk or magazine apps … and of course games & entertainment apps!

How to avoid the three-headed monster that gobbles up mobile app projects

What’s the three-headed monster? Most mobile app development projects suffer in one, two or three ways:

  1. Going over budget.
  2. Missing your deadline.
  3. The “Finished” mobile app being full of bugs or simply not working as it was supposed to (the worst of the three)

We’ve sat across the table from clients who have come to us after spending tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars on a mobile app and are no closer to getting the functionality they were originally after.

As far as Orchid’s concerned, if we deliver the mobile app late, over budget, or without all the agreed-upon functionality, then we’ve failed at our job. So how do we ensure your mobile app project will be a success?

Firstly, at Orchid we don’t write a single line of code until:

  1. We’ve discussed at length, everything the app will need to do.
  2. We’ve designed wireframes of exactly how the mobile app will look, and what the screens will function,
  3. We’ve gotten sign-off from you, that you’re happy it’s going to meet all your requirement.

Secondly, we use a practice known as ‘test-driven development’. This means, as we add functionality and write new code we’re also running tests against previous code to make sure we’re not introducing any bugs into your app.

Thirdly, no mobile app development studio can promise 100% bug-free apps (if they say they can, they’re lying). That’s why we’ll always deliver the project ahead of the agreed-upon delivery date to give time for beta testing where any inconsistencies are ironed out so that the final version will be rock solid when it goes live on the App Store and Google Play.

“How much will my mobile app cost, and how long will it take to build?”

Costs and timeframes will be completely different depending on the type and scale of the project (here’s a rough pricing guide for development costs of household name mobile apps).

For a rough ballpark estimate we’ll need to get in touch, but please be aware that it’d be very rare for a mobile app to be scoped, designed and built for under NZ$35,000. Although once we understand what you are trying to accomplish we maybe be able to suggest a cheaper solution.

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What’s the Process?

Discovery & Roadmapping

We’ll start by taking a comprehensive drive into your mobile app idea.

For example

  • What are the problems you’re solving?
  • What are the risks and challenges that we might face along the way?

We also look at who your end users will be in order to identify what the most important features are, and what’s just a “nice to have”.

Mobile App Design & Planning

Based on ongoing discussions and brainstorming, we’ll plan and estimate the details of your project so that we know exactly what’s involved. We’ll design your wireframes as part of an iterative process (taking feedback from you and revising accordingly), and once complete we will be able to give you an accurate estimate for the actual development cost for Phase 1.

Mobile App Development

Time to turn your idea into reality! To build your new mobile app we’ll be using agile development principles, which means instead of having to wait months to see progress, you’ll have the first release out in a matter of weeks.

Every 2 to 4 weeks you’ll continue seeing updated versions of the app with new working functionality added that you can use and give feedback on.

Ongoing Optimisation

All software needs maintaining, tweaking and improving beyond the initial launch. Based on analysing real usage of your mobile app, we’ll help you identify what areas can be further improved and optimised, or what functionality may be missing.

Remember those enhancements we decided to leave out of the first version? This is when those features can be relooked and possibly added in.

Some of our Recent Projects

Auckland Live

Auckland Live iPad design & development

Auckland Live, part of Regional Facilities Auckland, commissioned Orchid to build digital signage for Digital Art Live, a permanent programme showcasing interactive art works created by local and international artists. The interactive kiosk has been located on Level 2 of the Aotea Centre in Auckland’s CBD up until 2017.

“Orchid provided accessible and reliable solutions for Auckland Live to communicate with our audiences. Orchid’s ability to react quickly and in a timely manner to challenges or changes has been invaluable.” - Nolwenn Lacire, Digital Art Live Programme Developer

Promotional Apps

Promotional apps

Orchid has long standing relationships with branding agencies as their technical partner, helping achieve successful consumer promotions.

The custom built applications use social media APIs to enhance engagement and ensure campaigns get as much exposure as possible.

“We’ve enjoyed working with Orchid... they’re swift to action changes and patient with our many demands. Would definitely recommend them.” - Carmen Smith, Agency Account Manager, ICG Agency

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