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About 3 months ago we got an intriguing inquiry from someone on our website www.orchid.co.nz . The person who contacted us was Davina Smolders, a psychologist who works with kids in vulnerable situations.

Davina’s vision

Davina had a simple vision: to build an app that empowers Kiwi kids with necessary knowledge to grow in a safe environment. She wanted to keep it simple and fun so it appeals to kids. And not being from a technical background she was looking for a company that could help her from start to finish – including developing her idea and concept, validating it, making a user flow, wireframing, roadmapping, agile software development, and launching the app on Apple iOS store.

Anna, Lauren and Ben at Orchid worked tirelessly with Davina to further develop her concept and gamify the whole process further engaging the interest of the kids who might use this app.

Moreover, at Orchid we provided her with an artist/animator to further develop it into a game.

And as expected we managed to beat all our deadlines and launch it on iPad in early August 2018.

Cake for orchidThe early feedback that Davina received for her app was extremely positive. Overall Davina was so pleased with how Orchid managed to take her abstract idea and bring it to reality that she sent us a cake to thank us!

Not that we expect anything from our customers but it’s always good to see that our customers are happy and satisfied with our work.

You can find out more about the Keeping Safe app here or download it here.

Finally, are you like Davina who had an amazing idea? Maybe yours is an idea for an app or a website that could be the next big thing, or solves an important problem?

Why wait, contact us today to find out how we can help you bring your idea to fruition.

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