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How do you take a completely new domain name and brand, and get it to rank #1 on Google for your target keyword?

Even better, how do you do it in 30 days?

And not spending anything on paid advertising or promotion?

In this article, I’m going to show you how we did it. I will break down our story behind BuildMyMVP. Then we dive into what made BuildMyMVP one of the most viral products out there. Enjoy.

What is BuildMyMVP?

BuildMyMVP is a web-based microtool. This tool provides users the ability to quickly find out how much their MVP (Minimum Viable Product) would cost to develop and how long it will take.

It was designed to be as easy as possible to use. No sign up or credit card needed, and it’ll only take you about one minute to use.

Why did we make BuildMyMVP tool?

We wanted to build our brand and get leads for our Software Development firm

ProductDone builds Minimum Viable Products, SaaS products and software for founders, entrepreneurs and startups.

Our biggest challenge was a completely new brand name, extremely expensive PPC ads and everyone in this industry writes content.

There are millions of blogs and videos on tech, entrepreneurship, software development and startups.

Making a dent in an already crowded and noisy market is hard.

Our Solution

We looked at what our potential customers wanted

And thought about how we can provide them value with the current skills we have.

We came up with the idea of building a microtool called

This tool would allow people to go through a set of questions/answers/options and recommend what they should build in the budget they have.

However, to build a complete web tool like that could take us months.

We only take projects that we can finish in 4 to 6 weeks and we practise what we preach.

So, we released Version 1.o of in 30 days.

As an MVP. It doesn’t do everything in the version 1.

But this is the ProductDone way, we believe in shipping. ?Shipping fast and shipping often. 

As Eric Ries of Lean Startup says that you start with an assumption.

We had made the following assumptions:

That people want to just find out how much their first version of software would cost. That people will come to this webtool and then share this web tool with their friends.

It took us 4 weeks to design and build the first version of this web tool.

We released it on 1st Feb 2019

Here’s a quick demo of how the home page works:

And here’s a quick demo on the user experience:

We just wanted to build a tool that gives genuine value to people.

Even though it’s very basic, our logic was that if people liked the basic version then we have proved our assumption, and it’s worth spending more time on further improving it.

The Result

  • Week 1 new sessions: 160
  • Week 1 new leads: 2
  • Month 1 new sessions: 10,000
  • Month 1 new leads: 80

After 30 days

  • No.1 on Google globally for search term, “Build my MVP”
  • No.8 in search for generic search term, “Build an MVP”
  • “Build”, “my” and “MVP”  are all generic keywords and do not contain a brand name

Step by Step breakdown of my process

Here is a step by step breakdown of how we achieved this.

Step 1:- Find a problem that your potential customer is trying to solve

Example:- If you are a Lawyer then think about what is the most common question that people ask you or your receptionist? Maybe they want to know how much a lawyer will charge.

If you are a Venture Capitalist then think of why most entrepreneurs contact you. Maybe they contact you because they want to know if they’re eligible for funding.

Step 2:- Find a simple easy way to solve it

In the Lawyer example, make a web based tool where your prospective client can enter their problem and find out instantly how much it would cost to solve their problem. Similarly, the Venture Capitalist’s tool will help founders find out if they’re eligible to get funding by using this web based tool.

Step 3:- Can you automate the process? And provide the service for free?

It is best if the tool can run on its own without requiring human intervention. This would reduce your costs and you can potentially provide it for free to people to use.

Step 4:- Can you make it fun and easy?

It should not be cumbersome to use; it should not require a complex sign up and boring interface.

Step 5:- Build a tool from your learnings out of the previous Steps 1 to 5

(If you do not have software dev experience, contact us and we will help you out)

Step 6:- Share your tool to your own networks and get feedback

Step 7:- Improve your tool, fix any bugs

Step 8:- Share it in various directories, forums, and aggregator websites.

Here are the links to approximately 100 such places where you can share your tool and get an inbound link. You still need to share it in places relevant to your industry and niche.

Share your microtool here

Even though your microtool is not a startup, you can still promote it like Startup.

I am always adding new links here. If you have any more suggestions then please let me know by sending me a message on linkedin 

Step 9:- Improve your tool as you learn how people use it and from the feedback you receive.

Step 10: Release version 2.0.

Why we think it was a success

  • We solved a real need
  • We provided value without asking anything in return, not even requiring a signup 
  • We shared the tool in right places
  • A web tool is more than a blog. Anyone can write a blog, make a video, or podcast. But not everyone can make a tool and give real value for free.
  • Our goal is always to provide the end user with value, without expecting anything in return

Next steps for you

  • Think of what problems your potential customers are facing
  • Think of how you can solve them and provide real value
  • Think of how you can implement something in the next few weeks, not few months
  • You can always keep improving it
  • We wish you success; if you have any questions or if you get stuck, then feel free to reach out to us


PS:- We update BuildMyMVP on a regular basis, so your experience may differ to what is described in this blog.

Article written by

Sam Kamani

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