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Game Tradar

The ultimate game trading marketplace

Don’t you love it when you buy the latest Xbox or PS5 game for $140, then sell it back to your local video game store for $10? Yeah… we didn’t think so! That’s why Game Tradar was formed, allowing you to trade, buy and sell second-hand games with other gamers.

Stop losing 90% of your money by trading directly with other gamers near your location and cutting out the middleman. The iOS and Android apps allow users to quickly make offers to multiple users with the tap of a button.

“I’ve been an avid Gamer since a young age, growing up in the UK there were several stores to trade your old games, but the return value has always been poor. Now partnered with today’s technology, I’ve created Game Tradar Ltd. Game Tradar Ltd was created as the Ultimate solution to game trading, saving gamers money whilst adding value to second hand games.”

David Flemons
Creator & Entrepreneur