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Interactive Kiosk iPad App

MYOB wanted to simplify and add a bit of fun to their conference booths to maximise engagement at trade shows. Orchid designed and built a kiosk iPad app for this purpose which worked so well it was re-themed and re-skinned for subsequent conferences. The app uses a mixture of interaction for product discovery as well enquiry and sweepstakes forms.

Kiosk apps like this can also be customised to run quizzes, games, calculate estimates / quotes / indicators etc. If you let us know your goal, we can start your product roadmap and work out the best way to achieve it.

“Using the Kiosk App that Orchid created for us we noticed an increase in enquiries (60% of event attendees – a really good number)! Our stand was the busiest of the whole expo. We really appreciated their time, feedback and clear communication throughout the process: prior to the event during the design and development phase, support during the event and afterwards with timely reports provided – they were so much help. Looking forward to future projects together.”

Eva Bacinska
Marketing Coordinator at MYOB