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Pause Breathe Smile

Bringing mindfulness training into schools around NZ with a mobile app

Pause Breathe Smile was established in 2013 with the mission to enhance the well-being of children in schools across New Zealand. Drawing inspiration from the nation’s heritage, the programme integrates Sir Mason Durie’s model of hauora from a Māori perspective. The programme aims to equip the next generation of New Zealanders with critical mind health skills.

The Challenge:
While the Pause Breathe Smile programme was highly effective, its delivery mechanism posed certain challenges. Teachers and educators were looking for more streamlined ways to conduct mindfulness sessions, optimising time and resources in their classrooms.

Orchid designed and created the Pause Breathe Smile mobile app with the goal of amplifying the programme’s reach and efficacy, allowing teachers to run mindfulness training in almost any setting with a few taps on their mobile device.


The app’s objective was to complement the existing programme by simplifying its delivery in classrooms, making it more accessible and user-friendly. With this tool, teachers could quickly launch mindfulness sessions, requiring minimal setup, and enhancing student engagement.

The app’s introduction has been a game-changer:

  • Facilitated quicker session set-up, reducing prep-time for educators, and allowing more frequent mindfulness sessions.
  • Provided an interactive platform, increasing student engagement (allowing use of the app in the home, as well as the classroom).
  • Strengthened the core Pause Breathe Smile values in the classroom (calmness, focus, and attention).

The introduction of the Pause Breathe Smile mobile app is a great example of how technology can enhance existing processes. By making the Pause Breath Smile method more accessible, the app has amplified the programme’s positive impact further, meaning even more children in New Zealand can thrive in their classrooms, not just survive.